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What is the Fullview Leadership Profile? 


The Fullview Leadership Profile is a computer-based behavioral assessment designed to bridge the gap between pure competency-based and purely outcome-based measures of management and leadership performance by looking at three different perspectives on performance (Competency, Effort & Outcome). The list of behaviors in this model was developed through a qualitative meta-analysis of several leading competency models.  For each of the 44 management/leadership behaviors in this model, the subject will be evaluated by supervisors, peers, and subordinates based on: 


Competency:  How competent and capable is the subject relative to these behaviors?  

Level of Effort:  Does the subject make an effort to perform relative to these behaviors?  

Quality of Outcome: To what degree do the subject’s outcomes relative to these behaviors help drive organizational goals?  


The complete Fullview Leadership Profile Info & FAQs and a Sample Report   may be accessed by clicking the icons below.

Or just click the BIG BLUE BUTTON to begin your free self-assessment

The report will be delivered as a PDF via e-mail that will also include a link to sign up for the Peer-Feedback component of the assessment. 

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