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Systems Thinking Strategy 


Strategy is about creating situations that allow organizations to be successful.  Many organizations are unsuccessful because they lack a defined strategy, or base their strategy on one domain (e.g., competitive positioning) without considering their business’ entire ecosystem.  


The Systems Thinking Strategy is a research-based, holistic approach that incorporates Capabilities, Customers, and the Competitive Environment domains into the strategic planning process to understand how each of these domains are interacting with and impacting business success.


This 2 1/2 day workshop focuses on understanding what strategy truly is, and how to use the principles of systems thinking to make sense of it. The Systems Thinking Strategy will be introduced and participants will have time to apply the model to real work situations.  The results are actionable insights your organization can use to begin making immediate changes that drive measurable results. 


Contact me today to learn how to schedule your session. 


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